Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury — OffGuardian

Trevor in Trimley Dear Bishop Welby, I recently heard an interview you gave in the run-up to Christmas (2021) in which you said you couldn’t understand people who don’t want the COVID 19 vaccine and that people declining the vaccine are “immoral.” I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I would say that “immoral” isn’t strong…

Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury — OffGuardian

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury — OffGuardian

  1. The elites really are begging for another storming of the bastille. Their tin eared responses to everything are way beyond. the “let them eat cake” stage.


  2. No it is not like the sixties! The sixties protest was a protest against the draft, the MANDATE, that would force you to go into a war zone whether you thought it was a good idea or not. Think of the war as the vaccine, and the mandate as the draft. The sixties protest was against the draft overwhelmingly, not the war. Joni Mitchell and Neil Young were from Canada so they really had nothing to do with the sixties in America. People liked their music but they were not part of the protest against the MANDATE/DRAFT. So the truck drivers are the ones who are closest to the sixties protests in America, protesting against the MANDATE/DRAFT. When the DRAFT/MANDATE ended the protests largely ended. Note there have been many wars since Vietnam, but the protests are not there at the same level. Not even close. Because there is no MANDATE forcing you into these wars that you might not think you belong in. If you think you should be there you can volunteer. If you think you should take the vaccine you can take it. The TRUCKERS represent the sixties protest not two Canadians (though I think Neil Young has become an American) who could not be drafted. Hopefully this helps to clarify your confusion.


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