Building and rebuilding a life

Hit the road

Hit the road

New Mexico, 2011.


From a speeding car

Disembodied newsstand


Portrait of Ken

Off High Tower Road

Valley of the deficients

Act Three

Good luck So Cal… (you’ll need it)

Mildred Pierce was here

Suburban darkness

“California is like Wonderbread, it has no essence.” – costume designer Ann Roth

The good life

Walking is non-essential



Don Diers at Paramount


Don Diers at Paramount

Hollywood, 2013.

Don Diers at Paramount 2

Hollywood, 2013.

Kristy Swanson & Brec Bassinger

This shot was taken on the fly, as is usually the case. These two knew exactly what to do as we made a collective split second decision to create something. Love the result.

Kristy Swanson & Brec Bassinger
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