Lying in wait

Mirella Freni rare early recording

She offered me a piece of cake once. She was very nice.

Travel Town nocturne

Griffith Park, Los Angeles, 2012.

Griffith Park’s Southern Railroad exhibit smacks of a movie backlot that spawned low-budget Fritz Lang noirs. The nice thing about L.A. after dark is that you can pretty much go anywhere unseen, no one is ever around, and it’s quiet. Click here to order a framed print for the train freak in your life – or to browse my Black-and-White Photography Collection on Fine Art America.

Playtime is over

New York Neanderthals on our real life Being There, Dolly Parton’s creepy Big Pharma shill, breaking the human spirit – and more… #SkepticismIsHealthy

Reflections on mobility

Palm Springs, 2011.

A decade ago, mobility was taken for granted. The land of sunshine and freedom still showed signs of life. How long until cars become museum pieces and travel is a thing of the past? Click here to order a framed print, etc – or to browse my Street Photography Collection on Fine Art America.

Alessandro Scarlatti: Gia sole dal gange

Off-season shadows


Behind the majestic, mystical glory of the Basilica: the dark, seedy alleys of San Marco that inspired Patricia Highsmith, Daphne DuMaurier and Nicolas Roeg. And if you’ve never seen The Venetian Bird (aka The Assassin), check it out. Click here to order a framed print, note cards, etc. – or to browse my Collections on Fine Art America.

Storm cloud cantata

East Los Angeles, 2010.

A rare display of weather in Los Angeles, promising rain to quench the relentless inferno. Looks more like an old European painting if I do say so myself. Much more pleasing to the soul. Click here to order a framed print for your home or office (or as a gift), note cards, coffee mugs, etc – or to just browse my Nature Collection on Fine Art America.

In the comfort of your own forest

Robert Schumann: Arabeske in C major

Much ado about nothing

Big Sur window


Salvatore Cardillo: Core n’grato

Man’s best friend

Sold! Two Chinese Theatre photographs to a famous author in New York

Such a thrill to know these two photographs are hanging on the wall high up in the sky overlooking Battery Park! So gratifying to know they have found a home. Click here to browse my Collections on Fine Art America.

Bethesda Fountain

Great Hungarians: pianist Andras Schiff

The Woke Horror

Sergey Rachmaninov: Moments musicaux, Op. 16

Something to get you through the night

Your body, your choice

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street 2016

Greenwich Village on a summer night, 2016. Near Abingdon Square. Unmistakable atmosphere, possibly a thing of the past for a once-great city. Click here to keep a piece of old New York for yourself with a framed print, etc. – or to browse my New York City Collection.


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