Venice Beach Valkyries

Or as Jack Woody would say, “Whores on bikes.”

Get out!

Hero Pastor Artur Pawlowski, man of peace and justice.

Offerings / tombeau de la famille

St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, 2012.

Mardi Gras offerings for the dead. Parties and decay. Life and death. A profound, ironic, dramatic statement for any room.

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Giacomo Puccini: “O Mimi tu piu non torni” from La boheme

Vieux Carre

New Orleans, 2012.

New Orleans has more ghosts than your average Southern town, and that’s saying a lot. Add some mystery to your life with this haunting photograph taken in the French Quarter. Click here to order framed, canvas, wood or metal prints and more – or to browse my New Orleans Collection on Fine Art America.

Holocaust survivor testimony: Menacham Rubin


C.S. Lewis: Christian Apologetics

The easy way is false. The point is to challenge yourself and others. The point is to learn. The world is not your friend.

Decaf = death

We’ve all been there. You’re a guest in someone’s house. You wake up in the morning groggy and desperate for that morning kick. You sip. Nothing. You sip again. And again. Nothing. You start to get a headache. Am I getting sick? Then your host comes down and with a big smile tells you it’s decaf.

Cruel. Deliberate?

Share the pain with other caffeine addicts. Click here to browse BTW that photograph was taken in Venice, Italy.

Richard Strauss: Devotion

Family of man

Venetian spirit 2

Venice, 2011.

Another familiar Venetian face, bursting with personality and humor. Why not bring this lively spirit into your own home? Click here to order a framed print, wood print, metal print, etc. – or to browse my Collections on Fine Art America.

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Leave Georgia alone


Franz Schubert: The youth by the spring

I think, therefore I am.

New design – learning as I go along, as per usual. It’s hard learning new Photoshop tricks solo, so bear with me. Will be redoing a lot and adding new shapes, etc. Meanwhile, I can think of plenty of people who would appreciate this quote from philosopher Rene Descartes. Click here to browse Or here if you want a beautiful framed print of this gorilla.

The woods

His voice is like music

Hero pastor Artur Pawlowski. And he’s funny. He fights – literally – without apology. Good instincts.

Dream house

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: excerpt from the Stabat mater


San Michele, Venice, 2011.

Boethos is Greek for helper. In times of trouble, that means family, friends and neighbors. Not bureaucrats or snake-tongued politicians. This powerful image from San Michele, the cemetery island in the Venetian lagoon, beautifully expresses that idea.

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Holocaust survivor Bill Gluck testimony

Venice by day and night / double image – two photographs for the price of one!

Enjoy Venice in all its moods with these two-in-one visual items which celebrate the glory of Venice by day and the mystery of the floating city by night. The sunny image served as the cover for the book Dream of Venice. The nocturnal image was a runner up.

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“I am the vine, you are the branches…” – John 15:5

George Frideric Handel: aria from Judas Maccabeus

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