Room with a view

Sharpsburg, Georgia, 2020.

Corner joint

Ruggero Leoncavallo: Intermezzo from Pagliacci

Screaming earth

Mud and leaves

Brooks, Georgia, 2020.

Play Misty for me

Sharpsburg, Georgia, 2020.

Bernard Herrmann: Obsession (1976)

Remember the Alamo

It used to be a movie theater.  Now it’s an Italian restaurant.

Remember the Alamo

Newnan, Georgia, 2020.

Native recognition

Suicide Bridge

Robert Schumann: Mondnacht

Magic hour

Magic hour

Sharpsburg, GA, 2020.

Shattered glass

Sharpsburg, Georgia, 2020.

Color bars

Franz Schubert: Mein!

Around the bend

“You keep close guard behind and before me and place your hand upon me.” – Psalm 139:5

Mahalia Jackson: How I Got Over

Nocturnal trees

Trees at night

Grand Canyon, 2013.

Night tree

East Los Angeles, 2010.

To the stars

Grand Canyon, 2013.

Lewis Carroll could have lived here

Written On the Wind

The best of enemies

Showdown at video village

Meanwhile, off camera….

Impartial, amoral nature

In the grand Hollywood tradition

Always liked this shot.

In the grand Hollywood tradition

Josie Davis & Kelcie Stranahan in Dirty Teacher

The wisdom of Douglas Sirk

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