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Ilyich Oblomov and Dimitri Karamazov – characters from Russian lit

Portraits of characters from Russian literature, painted by my late father.

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I’m Fine Mug

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Redneck Baby poster

Your friend Dennis Weaver

Lost in the Crowd Tote Bag

Bethesda Fountain Tapestry

Reject the evidence of your eyes and ears

Earthquake (1974) Jersey – 25% OFF


Bethesda Fountain

Frederic Chopin: Nocturnes

Transfiguration acrylic print – 15% OFF

Best Always, Bill Bixby Tote Bag

Boots on the ground clues from real people

Hooray for Hollywood!

Earthquake Graphic Tee Dress

Confederate graves

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Georgia, 2020.

We all end up in the same place. The one experience we all share, no matter how rich, powerful, or beautiful we are. Click here to order a framed print, greeting cards, etc. – or to browse my Deep South Collection.

Erasing Steinbeck

Credenzas R Us!

Infantilization of the US Navy

Feel safe?

Coffee Tables R Us! #Sale


Sand Fire, 2016

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