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Holocaust survivor Rose Welner testimony

Love isn’t love

Holocaust survivor David Lipstadt: “They did everything gradually, they didn’t tell you ‘we’re going to kill you’ – though there were signs all over…”

Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen

Selfish non-persons who think their personal experience has value. Hopefully they will be silenced soon.

Don’t be selfish

Another selfish nonperson

Holocaust survivor Henry Mangurten testimony: “total starvation… humiliation… abuse”


Follow the leader!

Patrick Henningsen’s Sunday Wire broadcast

Be a good person!

Australia is going full Fascist …but resistance is growing — OffGuardian

“Touching an Aryan hand would contaminate it forever…”

Holocaust survivor Samuel Oliner

Don’t go along to get along

History repeats itself

Holocaust survivor Pinchas Gutter testimony


On The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier — OffGuardian

Holocaust survivor Ellis Lewin

On health, medical tyranny and compliance

Don’t let this happen to you


Mask Monster nightmare