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No exit

Hugo Wolf: Do you know the land?

Suicide Bridge vortex, Pasadena, 2010.

Franz Schubert: Marche Militaire pour piano – Maria Joao-Pires & Huseyin Sermet

Portrait of Nicole Byer

Great Hungarians: Sylvia Sass / Zoltan Kodaly

A visit to Hammered Heart Forge

In a haunted sound stage on the Paramount lot

Robert Schumann: Der Nussbaum

Franz Schubert: Serenade

Lavell Drive


Franz Josef Haydn: Piano Sonatas

After hours

Johannes Brahms: folk song

Quiet night



The old swing

Shabby chic

Castle Green

Reservoir women

Million dollar archaeologist

You who knew the vanity of the world…

Madison Square