Where the bodies are dumped

Where the bodies are dumped

Santa Clarita, 2012.

2 thoughts on “Where the bodies are dumped

  1. Nice work, Charles. I watched “Mulholland Drive” the other night, not having seen it in twenty years. What struck me—and I see a version of it in your picture here—is a kind of ‘luminosity’ in L.A. at night, at least as seen through the eyes of David Lynch. This ‘luminosity’ is not really a quality of lighting per se, though obviously that enters into it. It’s more an ‘indefinable aura of mystery’, a wordless, wondering, melancholy joy, an ‘emotion’ that seems to emerge from the tiny interpenetration of light into the overwhelming darkness itself, and which seems to me peculiarly Angeleno. As I say, I see this kind of ‘Lynchian luminosity’ in your picture. Very nice.


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