A note from director Nicolas Roeg

Working on a book project of my photographs of Venice, I was very moved to receive these encouraging words from the visionary filmmaker whose dark and stirring 1973 thriller, Don’t Look Now, made an indelible impact on me when I first saw it as a boy. The film and the city have stayed with me ever since.

“The images of Venice capture the heart and sad reality of an extraordinary and unique city. Venice is so well-known and so many of the views of it have been reproduced, but usually just emphasizing the grandeur of some of the glorious buildings, bridges and piazzas. The result is a city frozen in time with it’s living identity kept secret and unseen by the casual visitor or tourist. Your very moving and original images remind me of the time I spent there. Far more movingly and personally than any perfect composition featuring a famous landmark, shot to death by guided tour groups.” – Nicolas Roeg

One thought on “A note from director Nicolas Roeg

  1. You have some beautiful photographs here, and I can see what Nic Roeg was getting at since they do capture the ‘decaying’ state of Venice really well—something his staggeringly brilliant film also did.

    Yours faithfully, Wolfgang.

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