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Babysitter’s Black Book

Premieres February 21, 2015.  Wonderful cast to photograph.


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Faces Friday: Angeline Appel

Still life

From real life, i.e. not behind the wheel of a car.

Flowers in WindowPS

Not Thomas Mann

Woody Allen on Venice

“The minute I set eyes on Venice I fell in love with it.  I got married in Venice, I sang in a movie in Venice, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting lost a hundred times walking in the streets.” – Woody Allen in Dream of Venice

From Dream of Venice

From Dream of Venice

Tonight at 8pm

Sugar Daddies premieres on Lifetime

Directed by the great Doug Campbell.  Starring the great Peter Strauss.  Saturday, January 10 at 8pm.



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Peaceful and Prosperous 2015

Joy to the World

The reviews keep coming in…

Julie Christie on Venice

“The unexpected mystery of Venice… misleading reflections, startling shadows, ominous light and shade, and endless corners.  What’s around the next one?  My view may, of course, be coloured by the film I was making there.  It was winter and raining, but winter is Venice’s season.  As water is Venice’s element.” – Julie Christie

Have you ordered your copies of Dream of Venice yet?


Perfect gift for the Venice / Italy lovers in your life

No place like home